Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crumb Figure

Had a bit of a break from posting as I am half way through two projects. For both I am waiting on components so here is the stage they are up to so far:
 This is a maquette that I have created from dowel and bolts.  This is a pretty successful method i think as the character can move in any direction and hold awkward poses indefinitely as seen in the last picture.
One thing I would change is to substitute dowel for cut metal rods that have the eye already built...Ill have to investigate that I believe that some metal skewers could do the trick but would then require some welding...
It was my original intention to create a Prince William figure but Ive had enough of all that piffle for now so it is now going to be a Robert Crumb figure.  I will probably create a Devil Girl friend for him as I have heaps of bolts left.
Currently waiting on scale clothing ordered from the states...
I gotta say once you delve online into the scale model world it can get pretty weird, some people take 12 inch battle figures a.k.a. 'Battle Barbies' very very seriously

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